Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Meditation In Action Than You Might Think

Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Meditation In Action Than You Might Think

When we hear the term meditation, the first thing that comes to mind is the word ‘focus.’ Meditation helps us increase our focus towards all that’s positive. Let’s have a closer look at meditation in action in our lives.

The origin of meditation is deep-rooted in our history. It is a skill that one needs to learn by constant practice every day to become comfortable with what you are doing.

Meditation is a day-to-day practice that can give us happiness in the long term and increase awareness mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Meditation can also be considered as a healing tool. Various experiments have proved that meditation helps with memory loss, which happens due to old age. It keeps our brain nerves active and keeps our minds young. Many neuropsychological tests have proved that it improves our nervous system’s performance and controls mental weakness. It promotes our emotional health and enhances self-awareness. It gives a more robust understanding of your ‘self’ and helps you grow into a better version of yourself. Self-inquiry meditation explicitly aims to develop a greater understanding of yourself and how you relate to those around you. It is believed that meditation in action can generate kindness in us. This type of meditation is called Metta. It increases our control over our anger. It makes us kind by helping us develop kind thoughts and feelings towards others and ourselves. It also helps us forgive people for our own good because it gives us a tremendous amount of peace needed for our self-healing. It improves our relationships by empowering us with a better understanding of the other person. It makes us benevolent towards all species on this planet. 


Meditation helps to calm your mind, which in turn gives you focus to concentrate on your day to day activities, which will generate positive vibes in you. It helps us to redirect our thoughts to control our emotions and focus on our personal development. 

There are many benefits of meditation, which are as follows- 

  •  Reduces stress

Stress has become a part of our daily life, which is very harmful to the body. Stress can lead to many health problems. Increased blood pressure, weakened immune system and insomnia are some of them. Daily practice of meditation calms our nerves and relieves stress. That’s meditation in action for you.

  • Controls anxiety

Many reasons beyond our control can cause anxiety, but our control is how we react to them.

  • Makes us disciplined

 The key to a successful life lies in leading a well-disciplined and balanced life. Meditation helps us with that tremendously by giving us more self-control.

  • Control our anger

Meditation helps us gain control over our mind, stops us from reacting with irritation towards anything, and helps us make wiser decisions. It enables us to respond thoughtfully by remaining calm in the face of aggressive conduct from the opposing person.

  • Helps fight depression:

Depression is a significant reason behind numerous suicides every year. That’s why gaining control over those negative thoughts, and a defeatist mindset is essential. It is high time we act wisely than losing many young lives every year. These days many people, including very young children such as school and college students, slip into depression for various reasons. Meditation in action for some time daily can help fight depression and anxiety disorders. People should be made aware of the benefits of meditation in fighting any extreme mental state.

  • Improves sleep pattern

It can also lower blood pressure and has various other health benefits. It stabilizes the circadian rhythm of the body and ensures deep and restful sleep.

  • Helps fight addictions

 It is a known fact that one’s willpower is strengthened tremendously due to meditation. It helps overcome any addiction with ease and is a great help in building a better self.

  • Makes you wiser

 When you are calm and stress-free, you learn and achieve a deeper understanding of life and yourself. You gain insights into the subtle dynamics of nature and creation. Your thought level rises several notches, and thus a wiser ‘you’ evolves. 

Other benefits of meditation include better skin and hair. Who doesn’t want to have flawless skin? But how many knew the solution to most of your skin issues lies in meditation; it is far better than those expensive treatments. 

This happens due to the raising of vibrations of our subtle self and our aura body. The positive energy manifests in our physical being as a bright glow on our face, and the overall tone of the skin improves, no doubt. 

Daily meditation with dedication can give us glowing skin, which will make us more fresh and presentable. It also makes hair follicles strong as practicing various yoga poses along with meditation increases blood flow in our body, especially to the brain and cells of the head area. It also relieves our body of various toxins, hence purifying our body.


Though meditation has become a widespread practice these days, not many are concerned or interested in knowing the origin of meditation.

The word meditation has been derived from the Latin word meditatio, which means “to think, contemplate, devise, and ponder.”

Many believe that meditation has its origin in India. Vedantism, the ancient Indian school of philosophy, believes that meditation was first found in Hindu traditions. People used to practice meditation to attain spiritual enlightenment, Nirvana, or god-realization.

Researchers have found references of meditation in many Hindu Puranas and ancient books where we can find pictures of people sitting in various meditating postures, which back then were usually practiced by saints to achieve Nirvana or self-realization.

Evidence of meditation can also be traced to Buddhism and Jainism. Some even believe that meditation has its origin in China around the 6th or 5th centuries BCE as Taoism. So it isn’t easy to trace the exact origin of meditation. At the same time, it is but natural to assume that meditation need not have emanated from one place. Many civilizations may have started practicing it in one form or the other in the same era at different places in the world as they evolved into better humans due to their spiritual inclination and curiosity. Who would not want to attain peace when disturbed by the rigors of life?

Buddhism is also believed to see meditation as a path towards Nirvana. Many Buddhist texts have mentioned how one should practice meditation to bring tranquillity and increased mental concentration. Buddhist meditation is the most common form of meditation practiced both by the eastern and the western world.

China’s Taoist meditation is also largely influenced by Buddhism, and it also concentrates on visualization and wisdom. Taoism has also hugely influenced Chinese martial arts.

Some forms of meditation can also be traced to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The majority of them focused on increasing concentration to gain Supreme knowledge. They were mainly performed to attain salvation. They were practiced several times per day using specific meditative techniques and chanting of holy words.

Although meditation is prevalent today and is pretty widespread among the masses, it was once believed to be attempted only for one’s submission to God. Looking back to its origins can help us become aware of different forms of meditation practiced in different parts of the world. 


There has been a lot of debate about the perfect way of meditating. Is there at all an ideal way to meditate? Without going into that debate or controversy, it is better to look at the various positive aspects of the different forms of meditation present today. To each their own, after all. 

Primarily meditation in action helps one to be calm; it soothes your nerves. Hence it requires a certain amount of calmness in your surroundings too. One cannot start meditating at any place. Though many may not agree with this, can you imagine yourself trying to meditate with a lot of noise or people around you? You won’t be able to concentrate at all, at least not until you have years of practice behind you. 

Even if you are trying to meditate in your office or some other public place, you need to find a quiet corner where you can sit and have 10 minutes of peace and relaxation. 


Yes, it is indeed necessary. Whoever they are, irrespective of their age, a person should practice meditation. The benefits of meditation are endless.

Even millennials these days complain of a nervous breakdown, panic attacks, and depression; meditation is a way to erase all of them. To avoid all these, start practicing daily meditation. 

Meditation in action improves our focus and hence can make us more productive. It also enhances our control over our emotions. Therefore, we tend to react much less aggressively to things or people around us. Additionally, it makes us compassionate towards other people, which improves our social interactions.

Any kind of addiction can wreak havoc in a person’s life. It can even push a person to consume dangerous chemicals, making them forget their own existence. As we have discussed earlier, meditation can also help people fight addiction. Many therapists prescribe continuous meditation to stop addictive behavior from triggering repeatedly. Daily meditation allows them to control their urge and redirect their attention to other fruitful things.

Not just addiction, meditation also helps you to control food cravings and helps control binge-eating. It gives you the will-power to avoid unhealthy food, which in turn keeps you healthy and your organs functioning better. One can see that many benefits arise in our daily lives if we seek shelter in meditation. It helps take our life to a higher trajectory of existence where we can experience bliss in everyday living.

Meditation can be beneficial for kids too. It improves their concentration and social skills, which is useful for their academic performance. It can help them recover from mental illnesses such as ADHD and extreme behavior related issues as well. It also arouses curiosity to learn new things due to the increased mind-space resulting from basic meditation techniques that they can be taught to practice daily. 

It is said that the majority of kids today experience mental health problems, be it their studies or social interactions. Kids fail to realize the difference between reality and social media. Hence, the blurring of the line of distinction image wreaks havoc on young minds. Daily meditation under proper guidance can make kids well much more aware of themselves and their surroundings. It can help them stay in the present moment, thus improving their quality of life.

Further, it gives them the power to analyze their surroundings better and ensure they engage in fewer fights and arguments with other kids. Childhood is when our personality development begins, and when the roots are healthy, we grow up as better individuals. Parents should introduce kids to the concept of meditation from an early age under proper guidance. 

Various meditative techniques have several benefits associated with them. They help increase our social interaction due to increased wisdom, which can garner positivity and help people feel less isolated. 

Nobody deserves to live alone, but at times, we fail to understand them and start avoiding them. By regular interaction without negative feelings, it helps us know each other better. It also generates empathy and a sense of goodwill in us for the fellow human being. We learn to respect people’s individual choices as well due to a deeper understanding of how things work out for the better in the end. As a result, a sense of patience also generates in us along with a prolonged, stable state of mind. Thus the reasons for practicing meditation are many.


There are various types of meditation, among which mindful meditation is the most popular and practiced one nowadays. Other forms of meditation are spiritual meditation, mantra meditation, and visualization meditation

Mindful meditation is believed to have been made famous by Buddhism. It is the most practiced meditation technique around the world, which concentrates mainly on your thought process. Mindful meditation is practiced to observe the flow of your thoughts emotions. It pays attention to every part of your body. Mindful meditation should be practiced in a proper posture and proper lighting, whether it’s daylight or artificial light. We should keep our spine straight and hold that position throughout our practice. It helps us to stabilize ourselves and concentrate better. There are many subtle issues dealt with during meditation and are the subject of understanding for advanced students.

Mindful meditation clears our thought process and decreases stress levels. It also strengthens our respiratory organs as we practice breathing exercises as well during the entire process. It balances out our emotional reactivity. Even if one doesn’t visit a meditation coach and practices with virtual help, it can be beneficial. It increases our tolerance and empathy levels. We react to situations with better understanding. We channelize the activities around us and keep control over emotional outbursts, anger. Mindfulness increases our acceptance of that which is not under our control. 

Practicing mindful meditation daily has a substantial psychological upside. It makes you aware and keeps your memory working by enhancing one’s attention. Many researchers have said that the brain is practically rewired when one practices meditation daily. So one can pretty much undo years and even decades of damage and pain and trauma with meditation. The physical manifestation of meditation happens this way. It is crystallized due to the higher vibrations emanating from the mind itself, which starts to exist at a higher level of consciousness, thus enabling a positive metamorphosis of the brain’s physical circuitry and nerve cell network. It quite literally remodels the physical structure of our brain. People’s entire lives, their way of thinking, feeling, speaking, going about daily life undergoes a change, thanks to the positive effects of meditation. People practicing mindfulness can perform their tasks with much ease and efficiency than those not into meditation. Hence, we can also say that it increases your productivity, which is beneficial for your growth. 

Mindful meditation teaches us to be aware of our surroundings and be more active. Meditation in action teaches us not to rush into things; instead, it gives us the strength to use our wisdom to sail through life.

We can also incorporate yoga in meditation as correct posture plays a significant role incorrect way of meditation. In fact, in the Indian system of spiritual practices, Ashtanga yoga (8-step spiritual practice), physical yoga comes before mental yoga (meditation). The body is prepared to receive the higher vibrations and stay still during the effort required to sit in meditation for long hours.

Spiritual meditation needed one to leave behind their mortal belongings and offer one’s life in the name of God. It was mainly practiced in the Asian regions in ancient times by Hindu saints and yogis, thousands of years ago. It is practiced to make a deeper connection with God. We can also trace the practice of spiritual meditation in Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. They were mainly practiced in places of worship like temples, mosques, churches, etc.

Nowadays, the practice has evolved and has also branched out into many pathways. A typical form of practicing spiritual meditation is sitting in a cross-legged position and using frankincense, essential oils, sandalwood, etc. It is suggested to practice this type of meditation to seek spiritual growth, but always under the guidance of a knowledgeable master/guide/guru. In today’s times, we are mere mortals with fragile states of mind. We are incapable of dealing with the high energy levels involved. We may end up harming ourselves instead. So it is always advised to seek the shelter of an individual who has traveled the path successfully so that we can be guided to the destination safely as well. 

A few meditation techniques are there, which can be called calming techniques to cultivate our inner peace of mind and make us mentally stronger. This kind of meditation includes breathing exercises, meditating through mantra, visualization, reiki, pranic healing, and few others.

Mantra meditation was very prominent in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. This kind of meditation mainly focuses on the word ‘OM’ as some people feel comfortable meditating by focusing on a particular word. One needs to chant ‘Om’ with full concentration. It helps in evoking all your senses. Hence one can say that this kind of meditation is helpful to those who want to increase their level of concentration and focus.


This is a very important topic. Anyone who wishes to start meditation needs to know the basics of meditation in action. Proper help from a teacher is highly recommended. 

Only a seasoned veteran can guide others on this journey of consciousness awakening. Many believe that meditation in action is a process that deals with inner peace and hence can be practiced by anyone as and when they wish. But a certain amount of professional help is always necessary, especially if you are a beginner. An experienced guide will help you start off with meditation and can guide you through your journey. Though meditating regularly is a great practice, it will be of no use if not practiced properly. One will not see any change in them despite their repeated attempts. You can perform better if guided by a guide who can monitor your day to day improvements. 


Meditation can give you your desired result only if it is appropriately practiced under proper guidance. Another thing which should be kept in mind is time; it is also vital. Though one can meditate at any time of the day but meditating in the morning, or at least at a fixed time of day, is proven to be more beneficial to both mind and body than meditating at random times of the day. Daily practice of such meditation enhances a feeling of contentment in us. The worm metamorphoses into a butterfly for sure, figuratively speaking.


It is known to everybody that practice makes things perfect. If we practice something every day, it becomes a habit, and meditation is one of the best habits one can ever develop. 

Meditation is a gradual process. One cannot become a pioneer in just a day. You have to strive to reach that point where it doesn’t feel like an effort to follow a routine of meditating at regular intervals. Once that point is achieved, it won’t feel like a conscious practice anymore; it will become a part of you. You will be able to perform your daily routine with much ease.

One should practice meditation daily to reap all the benefits of meditation, no matter whichever type of meditation you are practicing. Regular practicing not only makes it perfect but also helps you to keep a balance in your life. These days our life is full of stress, work pressure, and various other pain-points, which we fail to handle. Still, if we practice meditation every day, we can lead a far more balanced and better life.

For beginners concentrating on meditation for a more extended time can be a little difficult. Hence one needs to start with a short period like 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Once you grow the habit of spending this time, you can gradually increase it by one or two minutes every day.


Hence, we can conclude that meditation is a process and activity that heals you and helps you lead a fulfilling life. Moreover, it helps control your extreme emotions, which otherwise might land you in trouble. The world is a difficult place to live where there is so much suffering around us. Living a life full of compassion and empathy towards others is a life worth living. With so much performance pressure and stress, we tend to become harsh. That’s why everyone should practice meditation regularly. Meditation in action will help us overcome such challenges and become a better human being, thus living a better quality life, full of happiness, contentment, forgiveness, zeal, peace, and realized potential. 


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