Terrie comes from a family of intuitive women, and learned that she was a medium when she started to investigate paranormal claims in various locations. She has been publicly tested and validated as authentic and ethical and does it all with a side of compassion and kindness. In addition, she has had the honor of receiving a certificate of clearance to work with law enforcement as a citizen informant that can help with any leads on cases using her skill set.


Terrie has a background in improv comedy so her approach to sessions will always include using humor; laughter is healing. She’s always open to growth and improvement so she continues to take courses in various metaphysical, energy, and healing modalities. It is very important to her that her clients leave a session feeling better than when they came in.


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Courses and certifications acquired requiring rigorous study and validation in Psychic, Mediumship, IET®, guided meditations, Reiki, Jewish Energy Healing,and Akashic Records