30 Years Experience, Clairvoyance, Path Advisor


With over 30 years of psychic reading experience, rest assured that you are receiving top-notch wisdom. Her family’s ability to produce intuitive women is plentiful, as many of the women in her family share supernatural gifts. This means that she was able to hone her gift from a young age, learning how to connect with her guides to acquire information.

Sue is a clairvoyant whose style includes using other tools to pick up on and convey important messages which are meant for you to receive.

Psychic Sue understands that free will is present within all of us, along with freedom of choice. Each individual has several life paths from which they can choose and she will help you to analyze them so that you can make the best choice(s) for yourself. She believes that nobody is simply a victim of circumstance.

She can also connect with pets, both living and passed. Sue is a born teacher thus all her readings come with a flair for education on how you, too can better hear your guides, angels and loved ones in spirit. With a no-nonsense style, Sue is always blunt and to the point. She will not sugar coat readings or give the client what they want to hear, rather what their guides and loved ones want you to hear and/or be aware of. Sue allows for her to be able to draw from real-world experiences. Spiritual Knowledge with a focus on connecting with your loved ones, angels and guides to help you with concerns in love, career, money & all relationship issues, from twin flame to soul mate.

Connect with Sue NOW to find the best life path for yourself!

Additional Information

Certified Angel Communicator
Theta Healing
Reiki Master
Soul Reading