Do you have a question about your relationship? Do you need to make a decision whether it is worth your time to hang in or to seek closure? Want to know if there will be a reconnection? Mandy is an empathic love reader who specializes in the emotional psycho-dynamics within a relationship. She digs into people’s thoughts and intentions, seeing what is beneath the surface that others cannot see for themselves. While some psychics specialize in fortune telling (names, dates, places), Mandy strengthened her intuitive ability while working as an empathic healer and energy worker. Her primary goal is to help others regain balance, clarity, and empowerment when they were seek advice with:


* Relationship problems
* Break-ups and reconnections
* Understanding another person’s thoughts, intentions, and feelings
* Dream Interpretation
* Helping seekers differentiate between empathic intuition and wishful thinking
* Helping seekers to see the different approaches they can take in a situation and what type of outcome each approach may lead to


Mandy will also use cards she designed herself to tune in more quickly. She work best when given questions to answer, so please approach with questions in mind. If you are looking for names, dates and places, you might want to seek a psychic who specializes in this.


Additional Information:


Mandy has worked as a psychic visionary, empath, energy worker and EFT Practitioner since 2006. She is the author of two books and three divination decks. She has been a cover feature and also written for various metaphysical magazines. In past, she hosted her own psychic radio show on CBS Sky Radio where she gave readings to callers calling in.