Psychic advisor Luke


Relationship Master, Career Forecast, Tarot Cards, Clairsentient


Luke is a talented, natural born psychic who has been TESTED and CERTIFIED to provide guidance in areas of love, career, finances, pets, and many other categories.


Psychic Luke specializes in romantic connections of all kinds(and he is LGBTQ inclusive). Be confident opening up honestly as he is non-judgmental and cares about your best interests. He will get you answers to any question(s) you have, like what your love interest is thinking, doing, and how to better your romantic connection.


Luke is a psychic of the second generation and continues to provide psychic services after over 10 years of perfecting his abilities. His gift allows him to share insight through any means of communication – including over the phone and through instant chat readings (not to mention that he is one of the fastest typing psychics ever).


Clients often comment on his soothing voice and calming presence. Luke will turn your frantic mood into calmness in just a few minutes. Find lasting peace with Psychic Luke!


Additional Information


Tremendously gifted and experienced in:

  • Love Connections
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Tarot
  • Life Coaching
  • Dream Analysis
  • Past Life Regression