She has descended from a Long Line of Irish Psychics, and inherited her gifts from her Grandmother who died one month before she was born, she helps Dee in her readings, and is her guide in the spirit world.


She is Empathic and can tune into your partner. This enables her to give you advice to help you reunite with your loved one. In order to speed your reading you may want to have a Question as well as the birth signs or birthdays of all people involved ready. There are certain Tarot Cards that Dee uses which are connected to certain birth signs, helping her cards to tune into your situation, resulting in an accurate reading. As she gives her advice with no judgment, you can be absolutely sure that you will receive the truth of what she sees. She does not sugarcoat anything, and will simply tell you what she sees with honesty and compassion.


She can guide you in career, decisions, family matters, finances, and love and relationships. She is a Psychic Medium and can often connect with the other side to give you contact with Loved ones who have passed.


Additional Info


Dee has been a Psychic Adviser for 44 years with many customers who have contacted her throughout years because of her accuracy. She is a respected British Psychic who has been on Radio and TV.