Ashala is able to measure energy fields (radiesthesia) to draw in her answers. Clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance are three of the many metaphysical gifts she has been given. She has the ability to open chakras which have been long closed. She has experience with palm and face reading in her past. Mayan Astrology is a field of study which Ashala will often incorporate into her life path readings.


As a member of the Blackfoot Nation, Ashala is in touch with her Native American ancestry. In fact, she has searched far and wide to hone in on her journey to harnessing native wisdom. Travelling to Guatemala and studying under the Mayan People as an apprentice are some of the lengths that Ashala has and will go to in order to improve her ability to provide top of the line readings for you.


Only a select group of people have the level of knowledge that Ashala has gained when it comes to using the kiche calendar for astrological insight. This is a rare and unique talent that is shared by only 15,000 others worldwide.


With over 25 years of practice in the field of metaphysical studies and psychic readings, Ashala definitely has carved out a uniquely distinguished path for herself. From age 17 she has been apprenticing with some of the world’s top mentors in many fields of supernatural studies. Covering a diverse group of topics such as love, career, and more, you can be confident that you are receiving a truly special reading when you are connected with Ashala.




1998-2000 Studied Mayan Science Kiche & Mayan Astrology (Antigua, Guatemala)
1998-2000 Translation of two ancient Mayan prayer scripts (Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica)1999 Ordained “Aj’qii’j” (nobles are given this designation upon creating ceremonies corresponding to K’iche Mayan calendar) (Antigua , Guatemala)
1996-2000 Quiromania Hand Reading, Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica.
1993 Geophysics with Max Swiss, San Jose, Costa Rica
1992 Radiesthesia with Dr. Edith Brow ND, Colorado, USA