Love Readings

Choose From 18 Psychic Love Experts

Find out what your future holds when it comes to Love. Relationships can feel overwhelming, so find out what to expect and receive advice on how to fix things in your love life. Find out what your partner is thinking. Learn how to find your soulmate and when they will be entering into your life. Get answers to questions about your loved one’s actions, intentions, and the true potential of your relationship with one another.


Our psychics are nonjudgmental, so feel free to be honest and clear with them when it comes to your situation. Every client is unique and we want to make sure that you get accurate answers.

Ask questions like:

    • “Are they cheating?”
    • “When will I find my soulmate?”
    • “What do they think about me?”
    • “What did they mean when they said ______?”
    • “How do I fix my relationship?”
    • “Will they ever tell me that they love me?”

And any other questions that are on your mind

Ashala online

Ashala is able to measure energy fields (radiesthe...

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  2. $9.99/Minute

Joy online

Joy has a soft, yet impactful presence. Speaking w...

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  2. $5.99/Minute

Cheryl away

Relationship Specialist, Financial Guru, Angel Rea...

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  2. $5.99/Minute
Psychic advisor Luke

Luke away

Relationship Master, Career Forecast, Tarot Cards,...

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  2. $7.99/Minute

Laura away

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Relationship Sp...

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  2. $3.99/Minute

Terrie away

Terrie comes from a family of intuitive women, and...

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  2. $6.99/Minute

Anna away

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant, Au...

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  2. $11.11/Minute

Dee away

She has descended from a Long Line of Irish Psychi...

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  2. $4.99/Minute

Jenn away

Jenn has been a professional international reader ...

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  2. $4.88/Minute

Merrily away

Merrily was born with Psychic abilities and for th...

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  2. $3.99/Minute

Shelley away

Shelley was born with the natural abilities to tap...

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  2. $5.99/Minute

Mandy away

Do you have a question about your relationship? Do...

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  2. $15.00/Minute

Ronn away

With over 40 years experience as a Clairvoyant Psy...

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  2. $9.90/Minute

Sue away

30 Years Experience, Clairvoyance, Path Advisor &...

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  2. $12.99/Minute