Numerology Guide – Numbers with a Meaning

Numerology Guide

Numerology Guide – Numbers with a Meaning

If you are new to numerology, commonly misspelled numberology, numerolgoy, numerlogy, numrology, or nummerology, you might be wondering what numerology is. And how numbers with a meaning work and predict life events. You’d be surprised to know that this field has a Life Path Number for an individual which is the indicator of their life. Read on to know more about this interesting field of numerology.

But as the name suggests, numerology has something to do with the symbolism of numbers. Think about it – do you ever see some numbers repeatedly in your life? Or maybe some numbers ‘speak’ to you more than others?

Have you ever thought that these might be numbers with a meaning? Maybe this is a new concept to you, and you have no idea what I’m talking about. This post will discuss numerological sequences, the history of numerology, and how to calculate your numerology number.

What is Numerology?

Numerology means the study of numbers in our life. According to numerology principles, numbers can help you uncover information about the universe and individual people.

Although it is similar to astrology, studying celestial objects’ movements, numerology focuses on numbers to divine information.

The knowledge behind numerology is that the universe is a system made up of a series of numbers at its core. As such, we use these numbers to get a better understanding of the universe. Similarly, numerology can help us understand our situations and circumstances better.

Numbers with a Meaning

If the universe’s basic makeup is numbers, how do we find the meanings of these numbers? At a simplistic level, the answer lies in the study of each number. Fortunately, in numerology, the meaning of numbers has a definition for each number from 1 to 9.

With the help of a numerologist, you can equate anything in the world to numbers. Numerologists can break down different elements of life into numbers with a meaning using varying methods.

The breakdown of numbers in numerology then works to help us discover insights about our purpose and personalities. Numerologists use different dates and numbers to calculate your numerology number. These dates and numbers include.

  • Life path number
  • Expression number
  • Heart desire number etc.

Numerology the Meaning of Numbers – History

Numerology the Meaning of Numbers – History
History tells a lot of Numerological Number

Like many ancient philosophies, the origin of numerology the meaning of numbers is still mostly a mystery. Still, the earliest records of numerology trace back to ancient Egypt and Babylon.

There are also records of the use and practice of numerology in the Roman Empire, Greece, China, and Japan.

However, Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, is credited as the father of modern-day numerology. It is his theories on the topic that elevated the discipline to what it is today.

But the word numerology itself was coined by Dr. Julian Stenton, who has had a massive influence on its popularity.

The Basics – How Does Numerology Work?

The workings of numerology are intricate and can be confusing for a beginner. However, numerologists can provide accurate numerological readings and translations.

That’s not to say that you can’t calculate different numerology numbers. On the contrary, it is easy to calculate your soul urge numbers, expression, personality, and life path numbers.

Translating these numbers and understanding what they signify or mean in your life is where the hard work begins.

According to numerology, various factors affect your life and the cosmos. For instance, your numerology with name and birth date will give accurate readings. This shows that a numerology forecast can take specific routes and vary from person to person depending on the number combination in play.

The insights from any numerology reading can be astounding. The belief behind the study of numbers with a meaning is that there is no coincidence in the world. Essentially, your name and birthday numerology have a bearing on the path your life takes and the characteristics you develop.

Talking of numerology readings …


What Does a Numerology Reading Involve?

The very first step for numerology readings involves multiple calculations. Depending on the primary number, you might need to run multiple calculations before finally arriving at a numerology number.

Regardless of the final number or combination, a reading can be quite revealing. Ultimately, there’s rarely a duplicate reading as readings depend on the name and birthdate. And, there are many many combinations to make from that.  

There are five core elements of numerological elements that a reader can read to build a unique chart for you.

Numerological charts are especially vital for beginners and individuals who want comprehensive readings. A numerology chart forms the foundation for ongoing numerology readings.

With a numerology chart, a numerologist will be able to:

  • Tell you about yourself
  • Provide direction in your life and wellbeing

Again, to determine the information above, a numerologist will use your:

  • Life path number
  • Birthday numerology
  • Soul urge number
  • Expression number, or
  • Personality number


The Meaning of Numerology Numbers

Numerology Number 1 – represented by the Sun, this number depicts the desire for freedom and abundance. People represented by this number are strong-willed and have a winner mentality.

They pursue their purpose and dreams fearlessly to achieve the success they require. They dislike authority as it poses a challenge to their rebellious nature and the need for power.

Their ambitious nature leads them to take up leadership roles, including delegation and supervision, naturally. These people have a knack for creativity. They are perfectionists who dislike careless people and have difficulty handling challenges as they envision their work flowing seamlessly.

Numerology Number 2 – people represented by this number are soft-spoken and may appear meek. Their melancholy drives them to become creative thinkers with a unique way of expressing themselves.

Numerology Number 2
Numerology Number 2

However, numerology number 2 people are highly intuitive and can read and understand those around them. Yet, their empathy blinds them from the truth. Hence they quickly become victims in toxic relationships and environments.

To hide their fragile nature, these people fall into bad habits and criminal behavior. The Moon represents them.

Numerology Number 3 – represented by the planet Jupiter, number three stands for advancement, philosophies, and comprehension. People represented by this number are strategic and like doing things themselves.

Hence, they thrive in positions that offer control. Such places allow them to supervise and oversee quality assurance.

Fact: Numerology was invented by Pythagorus

Numerology Number 4 – people represented by number four are change-makers. They are free thinkers who thrive in disciplines that accommodate creativity. Often, these people pioneer impactful innovations for the generation of their time.

Their revolutionary thinking makes them agents of change, a trait that draws negative attention from conservative people. The rigid-minded become hateful towards number fours as they dislike change in any form.

Often, number fours are diagnosed with mental and developmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, and OCD.

Numerology Number 5 – number five represents eloquence and impeccable social skills. People represented by this number are great speakers with exceptional interpersonal skills.

They are passionate about the courses they take up and have excellent networking skills. It’s easy for them to thrive in business and careers that require free communication and expression of ideas.

Their mannerism is a magnet for meaningful relationships, and they can make friends easily.

Numerology Number 6 – number six is the opposite of number three. As such, a number six will receive the same for every good deed carried out by a number three. Number six symbolizes comfort.

People represented by the numeral 6 are stubborn yet charming. They are trustworthy slow movers who can very easily manipulate you using their irresistible charm.

Their manipulation is geared towards personal gain. Hence, it is ideal for you to be wary of these people.

Numerology Number 7 – this number symbolizes profound insight. People represented by this number are deep thinkers who go beyond the superficial meaning of everything they come across.

They are highly intuitive and can see through facades. Also, they can see and understand your motives even without full disclosure. They are afraid of appearing weak, a tendency that draws them towards vices that lead to criminal charges.

Fact: In Christian Numerology, Christ the Redeemer is represented by the number 888

In Christian Numerology, Christ the Redeemer is represented by the number 888
In Christian Numerology, Christ the Redeemer is represented by the number 888

Numerology Number 8 – number eight symbolizes eternity and destiny. People represented by this number are destined to spearhead major changes in the world.

They are thorough in all they do as they aim to build something that will last for generations to come. Often, their ideas are not understood by many.

Thus, they are considered cynical. However, their delicate approach to life offers insight into their level of knowledge and the practicality of their ideals.

These people carry a huge burden as they seek to fulfill their mission. The burden and challenges they face are to prepare them to handle significant responsibilities.

They thrive in positions of power, leading companies, and nations.

Numerology Number 9 – this is the highest number used in numerological methods. Number nine represents divinity and the existence of everything. This number represents truth-seekers who value integrity, honor, and justice in the systems that govern humanity.

They express their opinions freely without regard to how the truth affects those around them. In their early years, these people experience a tough beginning to life. They understand the pain and are thus enforcers of karma and justice.

Christian Numerology and Angel Numbers

Christian Numerology and Angel Numbers
Christian numerology is also known as biblical numerology

Christian numerology is also known as biblical numerology. It is the study of the numerical meaning of numbers represented within God’s word. The Bible’s definition of numbers is used symbolically to help reveal the divine perfection of God’s word.

The most common references of Biblical numerology use the numbers three and seven. In the Bible, three represent the Trinity or triune nature of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

On the other hand, seven represents rest, spiritual perfection, and the entire creation as well. The Bible meaning of numbers holds the key to understanding God’s word and its design. All the patterns revealed in Christian numerology exist by design. While some meanings are obvious, others remain hidden to prompt a more in-depth study of the Bible.

Over time, the proper in-depth study provides supplementary proof that every word boldly manifests His purpose, will, and plan for man as God inspired it.

Biblical numerology reveals God as the Master Creator. His ingenious work is based on numbers and mathematical laws that govern His creation.

Angel numbers (commonly misspelled angle numbers) align with numerology principles. Every number has a vibrational energy that goes beyond its numeric value. Angelic numbers appear in repetitive patterns that have a detailed meaning.

Angel numbers are how angels communicate to you. These numbers offer guidance by showing whether or not you should continue on the path you’re on.

Hence, angelic numbers carry cryptic messages that need to correct deciphering to reap the benefits they bring. Such number sequences appear in a wide range of places to help alert you of the intended communication.

When Angelic Numbers Appear …

When Angelic Numbers Appear
Angelic Numbers

Angel numbers tend to show up at crucial times of spiritual or material change in your life. Angelic numbers appear to give warning or reaffirm your purpose and path.

As warnings, they can appear in times of indecision to help you move on from stagnating situations, toxic relationships, and so on. Moreover, they give a sign when it’s time for you to change to become the best version of yourself in your career or any other facet of your life.

At the same time, angelic numbers appear to help assert your confidence when making bold choices in life.

They are a sign that your human self and higher self are in sync, showing that you’re in alignment with the opportunities the universe sends your way. Regular sighting of angel numbers also shows spiritual fulfillment.

The Symbolism of Numbers| Christian Numerology and Angel Numbers


The Symbolism of Numbers| Christian Numerology and Angel Numbers
The Symbolism of Numbers| Christian Numerology and Angel Numbers

Angel Number 9

Biblical numerology states that nine is the symbol of divine wholeness. And the finality of faith. Examples include the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit and the ninth hour during which Jesus died after being crucified on the cross.

As an angelic number, nine signifies compassion towards self and others. What does this mean? That it’s okay to cut yourself and those around you some slack.

Rather than judge harshly, number nine reminds you to show kindness, a life-changing attribute when offered at the right time.

Angel Number 8

Number eight symbolizes new beginnings in Biblical numerology. Such new phases include a new covenant, new life or rebirth, and resurrection.

An example in the Bible meaning of numbers is the 8 people resurrected alongside Jesus, 3 in the old testament, and 5 in the New Testament.

The angelic number eight signified the hard times you’re going through. However, this number guarantees that you will make it through the challenges and emerge a winner.

It is also a sign that you should embrace the difficulty you’re facing and find the will power to handle it. Therein lies an important lesson for your growth and maturity.

Angel Number 7

Seven is one of the most revered numbers in Biblical numerology. The number symbolizes rest, completion of creation, and spiritual perfection. Besides, it’s on day 7 that God chose to rest after completing His work of creation.

Angel number seven indicates a time to rest and enjoy some quiet time. Use this time to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul in various ways.

These include taking time off work for a vacation, reading your favorite book, meditation, or spending time pursuing your passion. Spend alone to help discover yourself and realign with your purpose.

Angel Number 6

Christian numerology represents number six as a depiction of man’s nature and his shortcomings. In the Bible, a man was created on the sixth day and guided to six days to work. On the contrary, this number shows man’s defiance.

Angel number six signifies balance. This number tells you whether your life is balanced. It is also a sign that you lack balance and need to set some time apart to work on the points that tip your balance.

As an angelic number, six tells you when it’s time to take a step back to work on your priorities. This helps you become an all-rounded person by excelling in areas that matter to you.

Angel Number 5

According to Christian numerology, number five symbolizes God’s teaching, grace, and goodness given for the sake of humanity.

Angel number five signifies the need for positive change. It’s a sign that you should start working on the things that hinder you from realizing your full potential in various areas of your life.

Angel Number 4

Christian numerology depicts this number as a symbol of the universal truth and God’s creative work.

This creativity is evident in Paradise’s four rivers, four guardians of God’s throne, four corners of the earth, four acts of judgment, four winds of heaven, and the four horsemen.

Angel number four symbolizes self-care. Regardless of what you may be dealing with, this number signifies the importance of stopping and taking care of essential things in your life.

This could point towards building meaningful relationships, nourishing your body, of investing time in your mental wellness.

Angel Number 3

Angel Number 3
In Christian numerology, 3 signifies wholeness

In Christian numerology, 3 signifies wholeness. It symbolizes God as the Three-in-One (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).

It’s also a representation of God’s perfect design as seen in the three heavens represented by:

  • Points of measurement (beginning, middle, end)
  • Time frames (past, present, future)
  • Types of law (civil, moral, ceremonial)
  • Three parts to salvation (justification, sanctification, glorification)
  • Three kinds of sacrifice (sin, peace, praise)
  • Gifts of grace (faith, hope, love) and
  • The contents of the Ark of the Covenant (a jar of Manna, Ten Commandments, Aaron’s staff).

If you refer to angelic numbers, three symbolizes a time to let go and embrace the facts of a situation. This means telling a truth you’ve been holding back or acting on something you’ve been hesitant about.  

Angel Number 2

The number two in Christian numerology represents the duality of man in spirit and the flesh. It also represents holy union, such as the one between Christ and His church or man and wife.

This holy union occurs in the presence of two witnesses for purposes of verification. Two is also a symbol of contrast between two entities.

Angel number two represents a time when you need to stop for self-reflection. A time to reassess your life’s objective to determine whether you’re on the right track.

It is also a time to carefully set your goals to align with this purpose to make sure you achieve fulfillment. Conversely, two signifies undue pressure in your life.

This number’s consistent appearance means you should find the strength to overcome the pressure by trusting your perspective.

Angel Number 1

In Christian numerology, the number one refers to the oneness of God. It shows He is the one true God. This number is also a representation of the singular sacrifice of Christ and His relationship to the Father.

As an Angel number, one signifies the importance of trusting yourself and banking on your abilities to succeed.

Typically, this number appears when it’s time for you to experience the joy of new beginnings. It is a reminder that you should stay positive and find the courage to continue on your path.

Angel number 0

Angel number zero is the number that shows you’re limitless or boundless. It represents infinity and signifies authenticity and adherence to your higher self.

It stands for intense spirituality and is a sign of joy and fulfillment. Zero shows you that you’re on the right path for success, and you should continue journeying on it.

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