Confusion in life can be overwhelming, and your soul at times yearns for answers to the essence of your existence. Life path numerology can be one of the way you can find answers you seek.

Life path numerology offers a world of insight into the personality, strengths, weaknesses, purpose, and direction of each person’s life. It helps one chart their path to true happiness through every phase of life using life path numbers.



To better understand life path numerology, we need to go back to basics. Let us start by defining numerology.

Numerology is the belief in the inherent properties of numbers and the coincidental relationship between numbers and events. To put it simply, it is like astrology, except the horoscopes are replaced with numbers.

In numerology, there are no accidents. Every event in the universe is authored by the inherent properties of individual numbers that make up the numbers of life.

There are three types of numerology; Chaldean numerology, Kabbalah numerology, and Pythagoras numerology.

Numerology, as is practiced today, is based on Pythagoras numerology.

One of the predominant concepts in numerology is the life path number. Let’s look at the life path number, according to Pythagorean numerology, in the next segment.

Pythagorean Numerology

If you have just read Pythagoras and are thinking, “wait, the triangle guy from math class?” you are, indeed, correct. Pythagoras is known for his math genius, but he was also a philosopher and a spiritual guru in ancient Greece.

Pythagorean numerology is based on the link between numbers and letters. He assigned each letter from A-Z a number from 1-9. 

Letter A corresponded with the number 1, B with 2, and so on until I and 9. The tenth letter, J, also corresponded with number one, and the cycle continued to Z.

Being a mathematician, Pythagoras believed that you could tell more about a person by calculating their name using the number-letter sequence above. Hence the numerology calculations were born.

The numbers 1 to 9 are the spirituality numbers in Pythagorean numerology. They are used to calculate the core numbers of life.

There are six core life numbers in Pythagorean numerology:

  • Life path number
  • Birthday number
  • First impression number
  • Inner soul number
  • Character number
  • Expression number

There is so much we can say about these core spirituality numbers. Today, however, the life number in focus is the life path number.

What is My Number: How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

One’s life path numerology is calculated using their date of birth. To achieve your life path number, you have to reduce your birth date to a single-digit spirituality number between 1 and 9.

If you are averse to math, do not worry, all we will be doing here today is some grade school addition.

Take a look at the example below.

Let us use an example of a person born on 28th November 1991 (11/28/1991).  They can calculate their life path number as follows: 

Break down the digits in your date of birth by month, day and year and add the numbers to reduce them as shown below.

Month: 1+1=2

Day: 2+8=10

Year: 1+9+9+1=20

Further, reduce the day and the year to a single digit as follows.

Day: 1+0=1

Year: 2+0=2

Now reduce the entire date by adding the single digits achieved from reducing the month, day, and year.

Month-2, Day-1, Year-2


For illustrative purposes, the life number for the person in question reduces down to 5. 

Master Numbers

Master Numbers

Note, however, that there are exceptions to the rule above. When the final number you get after reducing the month, the day, and the year is either 11 or 22, you cannot reduce it to a single digit.

This pair of unique numbers are called master numbers. 

Master numbers represent a more robust personality than the digits between 1 and 9.  Nobody likes a name-dropper, but former American Presidents Barrack Obama, Ronald Regan and Bill Clinton have life path number 11.

Donald Trump is a 22.

Each life path number has a different meaning and represents specific characteristics. We will delve into the meaning of each numerology life path number, including master numbers, later on in the article. 

The life path number numerology barely scratches the surface of numerology calculations. Earlier on, we talked about how Pythagoras assigned a digit to each letter of the alphabet.

You can apply the same formula used in calculating the life path number to calculate numerology in names and realize your destiny number. Destiny numbers is a whole topic in and of its own that we’ll talk about on another day.

Numerology is broad and enlightening on so many levels.  But our focus for today is the life path number.

What Does My Number Mean?

If you had background questions like “in numerology what is my number?” and so on, we hope they are answered by now. You have most probably calculated your life path number too.

Now that you know your life path number, it is time to get to the heart of the matter. Let us find out what it means for your past, present, but most importantly, your future.

Life Path Number Interpretations

  • Number 1

As previously stated, different numbers have different personalities or vibrations. The number one has a strong vibration.

People with life path number 1 are trailblazers with a pioneering spirit. They are independent thinkers and more than dreamers; they are doers. 

They exhibit a lot of creativity and innovation in their passions. Through self-motivation, determination, and resilience, they often achieve their goals.

They are also natural-born leaders. Most of their visions manifest because they do not let bottlenecks and hardships stand in their way.

The downside to life path number one is that their self-belief can translate to over-reliance on oneself, ego, and aggression. The abrasive tendencies may pop up now and then and repel people; being number one can be lonely.

  • Number 2

The number 2 has a more tranquil vibration. People with life path number 2 thrive in harmony and advocate for partnerships and relationships. 

They also have a high emotional quotient (EQ) and exercise a lot of empathy towards other people. They have the innate ability to view things from a myriad of perspectives and possess outstanding mediation skills.

People with life path number 2 are also very loving and extremely loyal.

The number 2 is also the number of dualities. While people who have life path number 2 show understanding towards other people, they are not very good at expressing their views. 

They often suppress their thoughts to accommodate other people and avoid being confrontational. Being too accommodating can cause them to retreat into a shell or build resentment.

But with a bit of practice, they can learn to accommodate others without compromising their rights.

  • Number 3

Number 3 is the number of creativity. People who have life path number 3 are creative and big believers in self-expression. They tend to be prolific writers, musicians, composers, actors, and other performance arts. 

They are also charming, charismatic, and can communicate effectively both in writing and through speech. People are drawn to their charm and charisma, so type three personality people are social butterflies.

People who have life path number 3 live to the fullest. They are carefree, highly optimistic, and generous. 

The flip side to their carefree lifestyle is that they tend to have poor money management skills. They also have a difficult time shouldering responsibility.

They suffer from anxiety when they are not using their creative energy.

  • Number 4

People who have life path number 4 are pragmatic or see things from a very realistic perspective. They dream, but their dreams are very practical.

Number four personality people are also industrious. They find gratification in hard work and never take short cuts because they have a high moral compass.

They are meticulous planners, and through determination and hard work, they always achieve their dreams. They thrive in order and routine and enjoy spending time at home.

On the flip side, the extreme caution they exercise may cause them to miss opportunities. They are also relatively rigid in their ways and may come off as judgmental.

  • Number 5

In numerology, the number 5 signifies freedom and change. True to this, people who have life path number 5 value freedom above all else and are continually looking for a change. 

They adapt to a changing environment better than most people. 

Number 5 personalities are also quite adventurous. They like meeting new people, visiting new places, exploring new cultures, and trying new things.

They also enjoy multi-tasking and have the confidence and charisma to speak in public. They can thrive in careers like sales or motivational speaking, including a lot of travel and social interaction.

On the other hand, their free-spirited nature may cause them to wander through life without a sense of direction. They also tend to lack the discipline and perseverance necessary to achieve long-term goals.

  • Number 6

Life path number 6 is for nurturers. People with life path number 6 are loving and caring toward those around them and strangers too.

They have a lot of empathy and find gratification in a life of service. They are champions for the oppressed. The phrase “They would give you the clothes off their back” describes them accurately.

People who have life path number 6 are phenomenal parents and spouses because of their nurturing nature. They also have a strong sense of responsibility toward their jobs and those around them.

However, people with the number 6 personality tend to overwhelm themselves with other people’s problems. They sacrifice their own needs and ambitions to help other people.

Some people may also take advantage of their saintly nature. If personality number 6 can strike a balance between helping others, and following their dreams, they will thrive.

  • Number 7

The number 7 is shrouded in mystery. People who have life path number 7 are seekers of the truth; they pursue truth in their spiritual and physical spheres.

They also value wisdom and knowledge. They have outstanding observational and analytical skills to aid in their pursuit of truth and knowledge.

People with number 7 personality are introverted and prefer solitude over the pressure of social life. Their minds are always occupied, so they are never really alone.

On the flip side, they tend to fail to forge meaningful relationships and end up in isolation. People often view them as having something to hide.

  • Number 8

People with life path number 8 are born with ambition for money and power. They possess a clear understanding of the physical and material world from a young age.

They are very intuitive about power moves and take significant risks to earn more money and power. They are also authoritative, natural-born leaders.

They love the finer things in life and work extremely hard to get them. They are goal-oriented and have excellent organizational skills.

Number 8 personalities thrive in high-power jobs like finance and corporate law. Fortune favors them because they are bold and know how to navigate money and power.

However, they focus so much on getting money that life passes them by. Everything is a power move for them.

They also run the risk of losing everything in a bid to earn more money and power. Fortunately, they almost always bounce back from failure.

  • Number 9

The number 9 is for idealistic reformers, whose primary passion is bestowing order to society and dignity to every person. They have firm beliefs in social justice and show great empathy for the downtrodden in society.

They believe in collective responsibility for society’s betterment; they do not hesitate to collaborate with those who share their vision. Their pursuit is not money but a socially conscious community.

Money for their sustenance comes to them in mysterious ways.

People with life path number 9 are perfectionists and exhibit a strong need for control. They also have a creative streak and can engage in hobbies and careers like photography, sculpting, or interior design.

Art allows them to create something perfect. They can also thrive in careers that impact society like teaching or social work.

However, they need to be needed. Their pursuit of perfection is also their greatest source of sorrow, for perfection does not exist.

  • Number 11

In numerology, the number 11 has double the vibrations of number 2. The qualities of life path number 2 are, therefore, amplified in life path number 11.

People with life path number 11 are driven by faith and a higher power. They possess so much knowledge and wisdom.

They patiently listen to other people’s problems and seem to settle on a profound answer without much thought. They are very intuitive and can get wind of what is going on in a place or someone’s life without talking to them.

Their almost unnatural intuition makes them predisposed to show compassion and understanding. Answering the question, “in numerology what is my number?” Can really help ground number 11s.

People with life path number 11 are energetic and have an aura that draws people. They are also quite creative and innovative.

While they understand other people, they are often misunderstood and feel alienated. Such is the burden of being number 11.

Life path number 11’s judge themselves more harshly than other people judge them. One failure is enough to make them forget all other great things they have achieved.

However, when they get over their fear of failure, they are better disposed to explore their gift to the fullest.

  • Number 22

The number 22 in numerology life path combines the intuitive power of 11 with the pragmatism of number 4. 

The number 22 is an oxymoron; it carries joy and pain in equal measure. As a number with powerful vibrations, the number 22 personalities must undergo trials before coming to their essence.

They may suffer through their early years, but success is at their fingertips once they come to their true self. 

People with life path number 22 have a high spiritual understanding but are also very practical. They may have broad visions that appear illogical to others, but they know exactly what to do to realize these visions. 

Their ideas manifest because they always know what to do. Number 22 personalities also have an aura that draws people to follow them.

While they may command a following, they have a difficult time delegating tasks. They know that their reasoning capacity is different and find it hard to trust other people to do their work.

They, therefore, tend to get overwhelmed by their gifts and responsibilities. 


Life path in numerology

Life path in numerology is just one of the many ways to decipher who you are and your purpose. Your life path number tells you who you are, your strengths and weakness, and the spaces where you can thrive.

It also shows you how you can better manage your weaknesses to live a more fulfilling life.

Remember, just like with personalities, there are no right or wrong life path numbers, just different ones. Embracing your life path number is the first step towards fulfilling your destiny.

You can also take the next step and look at numerology in names and identify your destiny number for further insight.

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