How do you know if you love someone

How do you know if you love someone

How do you know if you love someone

Does love existHave you ever loved someone so much that you would do anything to be with them? What does it mean to love someone?  If these questions tickle your mind occasionally or even frequently, you are on the right page. 

First things first, love does exist! 

In a real sense, love is acceptance of your partner as their authentic self. It is also about surrendering yourself freely. Love strikes like irrefutable lightning. When you are in love, you are on cloud nine. 

You cannot command or demand from the wind, the moon, or the stars. Likewise, you cannot order or control love. You cannot force the love, nor can you take it away. 

Love is often a very positive feeling. Yet, time and again, we are confused between physical attraction and love. Merely telling someone, “Do you know how much I love you?” doesn’t mean you love themPoets and writers can help us express our feelings in words. However, they can’t help you find if someone is your true love or not. You want someone to love you; however, if your feelings are temporary, the connection between you will not establish. When you tell someone, “I am in love with you,” do you mean it? Is it your heart that is speaking, or is it just the short-term feeling that will vanish in a few days? The answer has to be discovered by you and you alone.

So, how do you know when you love someone or what does it mean to love someone? It is interesting to note that when you love someone, but you still don’t know if that person is just a crush or your real love, then at least you are in the right place to move ahead in the right direction. The objectivity is there.

This blog will help you understand your true feelings. You will also understand what does it mean to love someone. You will even understand if there is a connection between you two or you are just physically attracted to them. It will save tons of your time and possible heartache as well. 

The universe has its ways of telling you when you are in danger or when any good or bad thing is about to happen. Similarly, the universe also has signals to indicate to you when you love someone.  These signs are known as psychic signs. To learn about these signs, all you have to do is be aware of these signs and understand their meaning.

When you love someone, these signs or feelings keep coming to you, and they help establish the connection between you two. 

However, to understand these signs, you are not required to be a real psychic yourself. All you need is awareness of the mind and understanding of these signs. However, you can visit a psychic reader to help you out. Psychic readers can also tell you if you are indeed in love with someone or not. They specialize in these divine signals and their meanings. 

Twenty-one signs that tell if you have a psychic connection with your love interest:

When there are strong emotions present among two people, they would feel a psychic connection. Emotions are powerful, and they have personal energy that forms an attachment. These attachments open extra sensory awareness between two people. 

You can feel the psychic connection through verbal or non-verbal communication, feelings, desires, moods, coincident, likes, and dislikes. For instance, you think of meeting someone or calling him up, and suddenly that person calls or asks you to meet up. Such occurrences are known as psychic link manifestation. 

The stronger your feelings, the more powerful your psychic connection. Most importantly, when you have a psychic connection, you will quickly pick up that person’s thoughts and feelings, no matter how large the physical distance. However, these links can be either one-sided or both ways. Besides, the links thrive between two people only when they both have similar feelings, along with intuitive awareness. 

Also, such feelings and connections can be seen between the couples who have been in a relationship for a very long period. 

Here are 21 signs that tell you if you have a psychic connection with your love interest:  

  1. You can sense their presence at any time at any place. 
  2. At least once you automatically thought about them when they were in some problem, or when they were pleased. And they didn’t have to tell you they were in trouble.  
  3. You can figure out their feelings quickly, even if they don’t express them. 
  4. If you had ever felt sympathy pains when the other person was ill, but you were not unwell.
  5. You know precisely when they are about to contact you.
  6. You know about their good or bad news before them.
  7. You anticipate their thoughts quickly. 
  8. You know when they are in some threat. 
  9. You have anticipated one of their needs before they do.
  10. You know when they are lying.
  11. They are never able to surprise you.
  12. You can anticipate when they are thinking about you. 
  13. You know if they are making a good or bad decision. 
  14. You can give them good advice instantly. 
  15. Their moods affect you much more than others. 
  16. You hear your name from them though they are not around. 
  17. You dream about them when some critical event is about to happen in their life. 
  18. You anticipated the major life-changing event of their life. 
  19. You can imitate their mannerism and speech without realizing.
  20. You often meet them at different places without any plans. 
  21. You end up wearing the same colored clothes without planning.

Some sure-shot effects of true love:

You glow when you meet your love interest:

We often see that people who are in new relationships glow. It is because of the high vibrations and energy. If you are with the right person, your level of vibration is raised. It is so high that it is visible on your skin through that bright glow and a big smile.  

Such transformation is emotional, mental, and physical. Therefore, if you are genuinely in love with someone, you will get compliments from your friends and family about your glowing face.  

You are extremely comfortable with your love interest

Have you ever told someone that “being with you is all that I want“! If you have met the right person, you will feel a level of comfort that you never felt before. Sometimes such feelings can first appear in the form of angsts or fear. 

It can be a fear of losing the one you love. However, these feelings soon change into comfort and happiness. The comfort level with such a person is so unique that it takes your relationship to the next level. 

Love doesn’t come with agendas, stipulations, and conditions. Love knows no boundaries, and it cannot be imprisoned. If you feel trapped in a relationship, it is not love at all. It is low self-esteem and low self-confidence at work, stopping you from taking the right step of moving away. However, one needs to introspect if you are too selfish, which is causing discontentment, or is it really something the other person is doing that does not fit the definition of love.

You are your best self when you are in love

You are your best self when you are in love
You are your best self when you are in love

When you have met the right person, you will feel differently. The right person will transform you into your best self. They see you and trust you the way you are. They don’t judge you; they don’t want a better version of you. They just want you as you are and are happiest with your mere presence in their life. They just glow with happiness when you are around. The same applies to you when you genuinely love someone. You will miss them when you don’t see them for a while. And they will somehow sense that and end up calling you. You will cheer up with the mere sound of their voice. That’s love! No, it’s not fairy-tale stuff; it’s true love. However, it need not always be the case with everyone everywhere. Others may feel the same gooey feeling inside them but due to some other action of their beloved. Or under some other circumstances. But the main feeling of missing someone badly IS the most significant sign you are head over heels in love with them. The mere thought of them will bring a smile to your face. That is a psychic connection!

They love you for who you are. When you are with them, you are in your true self. You don’t have to lie to them or hide anything from them. But this feeling of vulnerability is not comfortable. You can be vulnerable around someone only if you trust your partner. But once you can trust them, you know that he is the one with whom you want to experience life. You want to grow old with them. You want to leave the world before them. You find it hard to imagine life without them being around you. 

You are indeed in sync with your partner

Have you ever loved someone so much that you know magically what they want or what they are thinking? It is not easy to be in a relationship, and it is even worse when they break up. Therefore, we must know whether we truly love our partner or not.  

When two people are in love, they are very much in sync with each other. You both are often on the same page without much effort. Your conversations are not forced. You both want the same future. Your personal goals and your thoughts blend magically.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you both have similar hobbies or professions. For example, you both want to shift abroad after a few years. Or you both want to have a pet dog. If such simple thoughts of you and your partner match, life becomes easy. 

Above all, you both want to be together, and you are ready to compromise with any situation to stay intact. If you have such feelings, you both are not just in love with each other, but you are also a perfect match.

You have blind faith in your partner

When you love someone so much that nothing bothers you, you don’t feel the need to stalk your partner on social media. You don’t get upset with their opposite-sex friends. You have no feeling of jealousy or possessiveness.  

However, real relationships are not about possessing your partner. Besides, anxiousness in a connection brings negativity. If you are not in love with the person and he or she has just become your habit, you would want to possess them. Furthermore, if trust and respect are absent in a relationship, you are not in love with each other. The three non-negotiable components of true love are trust, respect, and selflessness. You don’t start weighing each other’s actions against yours with thoughts like ‘Oh, I did this for him, but he didn’t do this for me’ and stuff like that.

Relationships can be toxic and habit-forming like drugs. If you are in an abusive relationship and cannot walk out of it, you are stuck in sludge. Such a relationship is not loving; it is just a habit, and you would need a hand to pull you out of it. 

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you learn the difference between love and toxic feelings. Psychic intuitions can guide you in the right direction by helping you understand the difference.  

The sacral chakra is activated when you are in love

The sacral chakra is activated when you are in love
The sacral chakra is activated when you are in love

The sacral chakra, also known as swadhisthana chakra, is located in the lower abdomen’s center. It is known to govern sexuality, but it also rules emotions, relationships, and the reproductive system. 

When you love someone, you open up your heart for them. This feeling activates your sacral chakra, and the intimate relationship between you becomes magical. The vibrations of sacral chakra are much higher and different when you are physically close with someone you love. It is because the chakra can make a strong connection between you two. 

This happens when there are a purpose and sense of promise in your relationship. Hence, if the sex between you two is magical, you both are in true love. A one-night stand or a casual relationship will never make you feel likewise.  

Is it possible to actively create a psychic connection with someone? 

Sometimes the psychic connection with someone you like is absent. However, it is possible to create such a link. If you want to establish a psychic connection with someone, you should take some quiet time daily and focus on that person. You should send them blessings, love, and positive thoughts.

Also, try to pick up their emotions, try to feel their energy and ideas. This simple process will help you establish the link between you two. 

Do you often ask too many questions about your love interest? Do you often doubt your partner? Are you not sure if he or she is just the one? If such is the case, you are only physically attracted towards them, and there is no love between you two. Alternatively, it is also possible that you have some unaddressed trauma of your past, which is stopping you from forming that strong bond, even though you are very sure you have met your soul mate. To remove the confusion, you should consult a psychic who can help you understand the real scenario and assist you in making the right decision.


True love comes naturally, and it gives you clarity of mind. When you are with the one you truly love, you don’t have to vocalize and say, “You know I love you.” You express your love in actions and emotionsIn conclusion, one can say that you are sure that you will achieve anything in the future you dreamt of, with your true love when you love someone. Love may not come quickly, but when it does, it transforms your life. 

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