Do We Lose Our Loved Ones When They Die?

Do We Lose Our Loved Ones When They Die?

Death is a natural process. It is when you simply shrug off your physical body and emerge in your astral body completely intact and whole. It is as normal as walking from one room to another. You remain exactly the same, with the same thoughts, beliefs, likes and dislikes on the other side as you were on this side. The only difference is in the transformation, from the physical to the astral body. The death of a loved one is something we all struggle to come to terms with. For anyone who is wondering what happens when someone you love dies, read on to become aware and stronger.

The inability to perceive our beloved ones whole and alive with our gross physical senses, gives a sense of illusion that they are “lost” to us. Such fallacies generate fear, thus making it difficult to accept death with peace and grace.

Matter transforms, but the Spirit Lives on

Matter transforms, but the Spirit Lives on
Matter transforms, but the Spirit Lives on

When someone you love dies, their disembodied souls are more alive and healthier than they had ever been in their earthly life. All the physical maladies and sicknesses are discarded with the physical body at the time of transition from the physical into the astral realm. They do not disappear into oblivion as it is erroneously believed. They return to the fairer lands – their real home – to settle down in eternal love and peace.

When someone you love dies, despite the peace and happiness of the after-life, their happiness is not complete. It is because the grieving of their loved ones on Earth is tugging at their heart-strings and pulling them back into this world. This makes things very difficult for them. They have finished their task on Earth and so wish to enjoy a life of eternal love, peace and freedom. But, the misery of their loved-ones is preventing them from doing so.

It distresses them to see their loved ones on Earth suffering and grieving for them. Thus, if you look at it in the true sense, the death of a loved one is not really a death of the soul or entity we loved. It is the ceasing of the material body to function anymore. Did we love the physical body only that we are grieving so much? Or was our love real and for the ‘person’ (their spirit & soul)? The correct answer to these questions will give you immense peace. So what if you can’t see them, they can see you. Isn’t love about the other person’s happiness? Are we not being small-hearted and selfish by putting our happiness above theirs?

True Love Conquers All Worries

The dear departed ones are constantly trying to impress upon you that they are alive and well, and make their presence known to you through various ways that they possibly can, especially through dreams. It is indeed heartening to know that they still continue to cherish and care for their family and loved-ones that they leave behind on Earth. These blessed beings are ever so near to us – always there to guide and protect us.

They frequently visit our homes to check in on us, and are up-to-date with all that goes on in our lives. Moreover, they never miss a chance to participate in our functions and family-gatherings. They are with us all the time, through our joys and sorrows; they can see, hear and touch us. If we could see how happy and alive they are, we too would be reveling in their happiness. So if we are feeling low due to the death of a loved one, we are doing a bit of injustice to them and their ever-present love and blessings for us.

At the Base of All the Energy Dynamics is LOVE

At the Base of All the Energy Dynamics is LOVE
At the Base of All the Energy Dynamics is LOVE

Love is an energy that lives on eternally. It cannot be confined to time and space. It does not end with death. Love is an immutable energy that prevails in the very ethers of the cosmos. Your loved-ones are constantly trying to get through to you. Be still and listen. In the quietude of your mind, you can hear the whisper of the spirit-voice, and feel their loving presence. Respond to them in peace and gladness. And when their persistent efforts are acknowledged, their happiness knows no bounds. With that, you succeed to restore your communication-line between the spirit and the earthly planes for greater interaction with your beloved, departed loved-ones.

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