Dating and Relationships: What are the keys to a successful relationship?

Dating and Relationship

Dating and Relationships: What are the keys to a successful relationship?

Love, as we all know, acts in mysterious ways. One can avail dating advice from anywhere, but it’s to be kept in mind that if you want to be in a successful relationship, you have to work for it! We are here to give you the best relationship tips one could ask for, so let’s get started. Because if you’re rooting for a successful relationship, you have to understand what makes a good relationship. 

Is it just based on mutual understandingshow to communicate, or just the mutual love between you two love birds? Most importantly, love is nothing but a complex mixture of behavior, thoughts, feelings, and biochemistry! 

So let’s dive in and see how you and your partner can crush couples goals! Sounds interesting and exciting. 

What makes a relationship healthy and thriving? 

Each relationship is unique. People start dating for several reasons. But there needs to be a common goal or even a shared dream. Be it mutual love for something, a sense of humor, mutual understandings, some other common ground. But what makes a good relationship and what makes it stand out? 

Well, there are a few characteristics that most successful relationships have in common. Knowing these fundamental points can help keep your relationship meaningful, fulfilling, and forever exciting in all stages of relationships

Fifteen vital keys to a successful relationship! 

1. Assurance, tell them you love them! 

If you want to be or even if you’re craving to be in a successful relationship, you have to follow a few steps. Although actions do indeed speak louder than words, words often speak more accurately than mere activity. Firstly, be mindful of how to communicate. If the communication isn’t up to the mark, either one of you could start feeling ignored. Then there is the chance of a misunderstanding creeping up, and we don’t want that. So, let them know you love and appreciate them! It doesn’t cost anything but gives a whole lot back in return. Last but not least, if you mess up, then own up to it! 

2. Share yourself

The beauty of a successful relationship is that you can be you, get vulnerable, and be your true self! Don’t keep your desires and worries, achievements and blunders, likes and dislikes, or anything else to yourself. If it’s important to you, make your partner aware of it as well! No doubt, there is an absolute need for some personal space in the most intimate relationship. However, be sure you’re always sharing more with your partner than anyone else around you. 

3. Appreciate your partner

There are several stages of a relationship. It doesn’t matter which step in a relationship you are in; always appreciate the person you’re with! Let your partner know daily how you adore them and how grateful you are for their presence in your life. This is one of the most crucial factors behind a successful relationship. Admire them, compliment them about how proud you are of them. Mutual understanding isn’t always it. There’s something more about making the bond stronger. It’s about inspiring and encouraging each other’s growth while still keeping in mind that you’re both in this together. 

4. Make room for some “us” time

Valuing each other’s company and enjoying it the most is truly what makes a good relationship

It’s only natural for people to be quite busy with their schedule. However, on the other hand, no matter how hectic both of your lives are, try to take some time out of your schedule and spend an evening or two together! Go on dates, share your stories, explore and roam around the city, and enjoy each other’s company. It takes the relationship to the next level of ‘us’ pretty quickly.

5. Don’t take your partner for granted

In these very unsettling times, when everyone’s filled with self-doubt and lack a loyal confidant in their life, show gratitude for your partner from time to time. This happens to be one of the significant relationship tips anyone will ever give you. Remember, it takes a lot of sacrifices and compromises to be in a successful relationship. Never take these tiny sacrifices or compromises for granted – a genuine connection is a work of the highest order. The second you stop, it starts to slip away from your hands. 

6. Be a good listener

Make sure your partner understands that you care. For instance, when you are out, please don’t use your phone instead of engaging with them. Not to mention, you can’t forget that they are your number 1 priority. When they are venting, give a genuine hearing. Maybe suggest some solutions or give out some plans that might help your partner. If you care about the person you love, you will care about what they value in life. This is one of the best ways to show your respect and mutual love for the person. 

7. Avoid unreasonable expectations

 Unreasonable expectations happen to be a giant killer for significant relationships. After all, you’re with a human being. You aren’t dating a robot or a superhero. Hence it’s only natural for your partner to be flawed. Every one of us is unique because of our flaws. Learn to understand and accept your partner’s quirks for what they are. These flaws are an essential part of who they are as people. Acceptance is key to a successful relationship

8. Gifts can do wonders!

It’s cute when couples show their love for their partners by showering them with gifts! Because it shows you care. Indeed, buying someone something expensive looks nice. Still, if you’re a college student, you might not even be able to afford expensive stuff. In contrast, always keep in mind, simplicity is the best policy regarding gifts to your loved one. Give your partner simple gifts, stuff that reminds them of you, handwritten notes, etc., and watch them treasure that for life!

9. Get on the same wavelength

This is one of the most salient or chief pillars of a successful relationship. Suppose you want your relationship to work out. In that case, there needs to be synchronization of thoughts; a minimum level of worldview needs to match. Yes, it’s true opposite attracts is, but there needs to be something that both of you have a common ground to fall back on.

10.  Being open and available for your partner

Nobody likes being rejected or dismissed. This is why we are often more into people who communicate or are willing to engage. In a romantic relationship, it means you can be vulnerable in front of your partner and vice-versa. To create a successful relationship, you should ask fundamental questions and see how your partner reacts. Be supportive if they get anxious. Assure your partner of your support. Stare into their eyes and be genuinely present in the moment. They will feel you then; they will feel your spirit. And then the bond cements like no other. It will all come back to you with double the intensity and love in your hour of need and crisis. But, do it not because you need it back, but because your loved one needs this from you. It’s love, right? You’ve got to give first!

11.  Be confident. It rubs off on the relationship

Lack of confidence is a typical barrier to attracting partners; stress makes us self-centered and hesitant, which gets in the way of enjoying and attuning to a partner—or even sharing our interests and viewpoints. If you’re looking for one of the most evergreen dating advice, then all it is asked of is confidence. Having a stable self-identity, including interests, goals, likes, or even dislikes, gives us more to offer a partner—and makes us more attractive and appealing.

12. You’re not afraid of having a polite disagreement

Some couples talk things out modestly, while others may choose to raise their voices and profoundly disagree. The worst-case scenario is abusing the person. The key in a healthy and successful relationship, though, is not to be afraid of conflict. It’s quite natural to have disagreements. You should feel confident to communicate about things that have been bothering you. You should do that and solve the existing conflict in a dignified manner. That much is on you. Only then does it come back to you as an entitlement.

 13. Treasure your outside interests and relationships alive

Let’s not widely accept all the claims of romantic novels or movies. No one person will ever be able to meet all of your needs. That’s expecting too much from your partner, which in turn is a sign of a toxic relationship. At the same time, it puts unhealthy pressure on a relationship. If you’re running behind on what makes a relationship good, you can always stimulate a successful relationship. It’s essential to maintain your own identity outside of the relationship, maintain connections with family and friends, and keep your hobbies and interests. And let your partner enjoy the same rights. Only then will both of you bring wholesome energy into the relationship. Only then will something positive get created. Only then will you complement each other and form a single unit.

  14. Always maintain a meaningful emotional connection with your partner

In a successful relationship, partners always make each other feel loved and emotionally contented. It’s a different feeling when someone loves you, and you can sense that blissful vibe touch your soul. When you feel loved, it makes you feel welcomed and appreciated by your loving partner, like this person truly gets you. Some connections get stuck in peaceful conjunction, but without the spouses truly linking to each other emotionally in any way or form. While the union may seem stable from the outside, the lack of ongoing emotional involvement and connection labors to add to the couple’s never-ending distance. So, work towards it. Think of the other person as being valuable to your happiness. Only then will the effort come naturally. And the other person will feel it when it’s genuine from your end. It happens for sure.

15. You stand up and support each other through thick and thin

A successful relationship looks pretty amazing, but you have to put work into it. Like, standing up for the person and being there for your significant other. In every different stage of a relationship, you’ll face hardships and hurdles, and the path might not seem too easy. Nevertheless, you have to strive and stick together. Because this is not only about you, you both are in this together equally. 

These are the fundamental things you can do if you want to be in a healthy and successful relationship. We all crave love, attention, affection, and maybe we do have someone who has tons of mutual understanding or even mutual love. Yet you can’t make it work! That’s a bummer and truly breaks your heart, doesn’t it? All romantic, or even if you’re in a platonic one, relationships have their fair share of ups and downs. They all take work, a lot of commitment, and a readiness to accept, compromise and adapt, and all the while is evolving together with your partner as well.

But in whatever stages of a relationship you might be in, whether your relationship is new or you’ve been together for ages, there are steps you can take to build a healthy and successful relationship.

Even if you’ve experienced a lot of heartbreak and failed in several relationships in the past, or have struggled earlier to rekindle the sparks of romance in your prevailing relationship, you can find ways to be very much in love, stay connected, find happiness and fulfill your dreams and hopes together. 

In conclusion, if you want to be in a successful relationship, you have to put the work into it. You have to work hard, compromise, sacrifice, and even be vulnerable to be in a proper, real, healthy, and successful relationship!

Being a couple is not about being with someone who has a pretty face. It’s about what’s inside of you and how much you are willing to change and evolve! Find someone ready to step out of their comfort zone solely to be with you and appreciates you with all their heart! Value these relationship tips or dating advice, whatever you want to call them, and remember it takes two to tango! 

The points mentioned above are also meant for you to check yourself in a relationship. You’re both in this together, and you both have to find your way forward. You will err, you will hurt, you will freak out at times, but that’s just life throwing a curve-ball at you when you are gunning for something as precious and valuable as a genuine loving relationship. 

Always remember, the night is darkest just before the dawn. So if you’re wondering what’s going wrong, if you can’t find your feet even after introspection and soul-searching, get in touch with us at Five Star Psychics. We are experts at finding that missing link that will solve your problem. 

And if you’re new to a relationship and don’t know how to crack the secret of a great romantic relationship, the above discussion ought to have helped you a lot as well. Give it a thorough read once more and discover the magical spirit of your love relationship. 

Best of Love!


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